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About Us

Love and Serve Without Boundaries (LSWB) is a non-governmental organization run by volunteers.
Our main focus is on refugee and immigrant women and children, although we serve all refugees and migrants. We also assist displaced Greeks, old people in need

Love and Serve Without Boundaries  was founded on 20th October 2015 by Rosemary Odhiambo famously referred to as Maria by people acquitted to her.

Before the organisation was up and running Maria would cook in her house and share whatever she has with the homeless people on her way to work as a babysitter, and sometimes during the winter she would also share her warm clothes especially with small children who were on the streets exposed to the cold. With time Maria’s son and some volunteers in the community saw the struggle she was going through, to help the less fortunate and they decided to help cook more food and distribute it in the areas where a lot of homeless people stayed in Athens. 

During this time, she was attending Sunset university where she was doing a degree in theology. They also saw her hard work and offered to help her reach more people and this way they helped her rent a place where she would be doing this work and that was how Love and Serve Without Boundaries was founded. The organisation has grown steadily during the past four years and with the crisis on refugees not getting better we try to make them feel at home with us as much as we can.

We offer Greek, German and French lessons to the refugees, every Friday we have distributions, whereby we give food , diapers, fruits, soap,toothpaste and whatever we might have to about 300-400 refugees and every Saturday we have street outreach whereby we cook food at the centre of the organisation in Serifou 2, Athens and take it to Victoria square where we share the food with the refugees out in the streets. Love and Serve Without Boundaries is always open to do some workshops and activities like football, activities that would help volunteers to get employed and better their life.a

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